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Our art studio and teaching team are ready to welcome you and to guide you through structured drawing and painting exercises that are designed to inspire and to help you reach
your creative potential.

Scroll on to see the ideas that have come to shape our studio practice.

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A: Drawing and Painting are at the center of all our activities but with that there are countless ways in which we approach that. 
The goal is to help our artists to create the images that they want to make. A programme may lean towards a slightly different technical focus, of a particular media, referencing a particular artist or with an aim to arrive at a particular set of images, depending on the abilities and interests which we have identified within each age group.

A: Absolutely. Our job is to hear about your background, to meet you at wherever you are and give you a path to worry-free creative success.

A: Yes. We understand that every artist works at their own pace and have designed our workshops in a way where everyone can move through the workshop having arrived at one, or up to 7 resolved masterpieces, depending on what you are joining us for!

A: Not a problem. Whatever you programme or camp, there will always be one make-up class option available. The details of which will be shared with you before the class commences.

A: Classes are taught in English and with additional Thai language support for those who may benefit from it.

A: We do offer aprons but it would be useful to wear studio-ready clothing anyway! Kids should have water bottles with them. We will take care of everything else.

A: There is car parking available at Four Wings Hotel, just a minutes’ walk to the studio.

A: Bakers Gonna Bake café, on the ground floor of our building offers great breakfast and lunch options and opens daily from 09.00-16.00. We recommend their cakes and the delicious ‘Dirty’ coffee!

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Meet the Team

Our team are all passionate art lovers, educational enthusiasts and artists in their own rights. We can’t wait for you to meet them!




Teacher / Director
Designs sets for theatre Gaga for Van Gogh



Teacher / Studio Manager
Crafty, Bakes incredible cakes



Teacher / Graphics
Story board artists,
Animations geek & dog’s mom



Marketing & Relations Manager
Keeps community together, loves to boogie