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” Don’t feeling like coming for a workshop? No problem. These offerings will help you ensure that Art remains a part of your life.

art packs

Bring Paron School of Art to you with a beautiful pack filled with a starter art materials sent to your door. Paired video instruction, for kids or adults, helps you to create confidently, whatever your experience.


Whether for a kid’s and adult’s party, work with us to design a bespoke, themed celebration that will help you to have fun with art. We will arrange the activities and refreshments. All you have to do is to round up the group!


We can work to any scale or ambition. Have your colleagues paint a new office mural that we have designed for you, mobalise groups of students into a whole-school art day or incorporate a fun art station at your launch event.


Let’s start by making art teaching fun for you. Trainings will equip you with the plug-in skills that will help you step into your art teaching role with greater confidence. 2 day programmes are available both at your school and at our studio.